Woodlands of Loughglynn

The Woodlands of Loughglynn in the village of the same name have become very famous in history and in song. On the 19th of April 1921 four men from the Irish Republican Army were staying in a house near the wood. When the men heard the Black and Tans were searching the wood they attempted to escape, two of the men were injured, Joe Satchwell and Thomas (Toby) Scally Following a ‘drumhead court martial’ (court martial held in the field) the other two, Sean Bergin and Stephen McDermott, were shot on the spot. There is a song called the ‘Woodlands of Loughglynn’ dedicated to the two men that died in the woods. It was written by Mary-Anne Regan from Castlerea. It has become well known nationwide as it has been recorded by Brendan Shine and The Wolftones. There is a drive through these picturesque woodlands with beautiful views of the lake along the way.