Three Holy Wells – Kilmovee

The majority of stories in Kilmovee revolve around St. Movi, the saint who introduced Christianity to the area. The creation of the three wells is one of those stories 🙂

Bishop Movi’s preaching and teaching was well received and where a number of his converts were adequately prepared for Baptism, he assembled them in a spot 200 yards to the north of the old graveyard. However, he soon discovered that he did not have water to perform the Baptism. Immediately, having struck the ground three times with his Crozier, three holy wells sprung up, wells which are in existence there to this day. Hence the name ”The Crozier Wells” or Tobar na Bachaille”. 

By Seosamh Mac Gabhann taken from Cíll Mobhí A handbook on local history and folklore which is available to buy in Kilmovee.

For directions to the three wells or to any other monument in Kilmovee ask a local or drop into the community resource centre.