Ogham Stone-Kilmovee

The Ogham Stone

Ogham was the old Irish alphabet containing 20 letters which were formed using a series of short strokes, Ireland’s first writing. There are two different theories as to what is wrote on the Kilmovee ogham stone. The first one comes from a story commonly told by the local people that it reads ”Mac Bric”. It is thought Mac Bric may have been a local chieftain at the time and the stone was erected in his honor or it may have been a grave headstone. According to the Celtic Inscribed Stones Project, the inscription is somewhat damaged but it reads ”ALATTOS MAQI BR[–”. This ogham stone is located beside ”The Three Wells”, also known as ”The Crozier Wells or ”Tobar na Bachaille”. Upon reaching Kilmovee a local person will be happy to direct you to the stone.